What can we do for you?


At Hand, we always consider what is truly important to our clients and what should be done to make a positive impact on the world.
We propose necessary approaches without being bound by positions or conventional wisdom.

  • Advertising

    While prioritizing the branding of companies and products, we aim to create creative materials that convey messages while maintaining functionality and do not compromise intuitive and innovative visuals.

    Poster / Newspaper advertisement / Magazine advertisement / Transit advertisement / Outdoor advertisement / Point-of-purchase displays (POP) Direct mail (DM) / Flyers / Web banners / Social media advertisements / Digital signage, etc.

  • Branding

    From logo design to the creation of corporate and visual identities, as well as package design, we will assist in building your brand from its foundation.

    Logo design / Corporate Identity (CI) manual / Visual Identity (VI) manual / Posters / Flyers / Direct mail (DM) / Packaging / Catalogs / Brochures / Leaflets / Company profiles / Signage / Business cards / Envelopes / Editorial design / Calendars, and more.

  • CM, Movie

    We will thoroughly develop ideas based on the concept you want to convey, starting from the storyboard. From shooting and editing to delivery, we will direct the process properly and produce high-quality videos.

    TV commercials (TVC) / Web videos / Bumper videos / Social media advertisements / Digital signage / Train channel advertisements

  • Web/UI Design

    Please also entrust us with UI design, which directly influences the quality perception of your brand, as well as essential areas of advertising strategies such as LP and web design.

    Landing pages / Web design / Application UI, and more

We create together with you.


At Hand, we proceed based on the following workflow to realize our clients' vision.

  1. step01 Listening

    Hand works closely with clients as one team to develop creativity. To do this, we first carefully listen to your story. We inquire about your background and challenges, and based on our understanding, we consider what creative approaches should be taken.

  2. step02 Quotation and Scheduling

    Based on the information we've gathered from our discussion, we'll summarize the outline of the production items you need and present a proposal along with a quotation and schedule.

  3. step03 Planning

    After conducting research and gathering ideas from the team, we refine the ideas until we reach a consensus. We will refine the numerous rough sketches initially conceived and create a presentation document based on them.

  4. step04 Proposal

    We will compile the completed ideas into a presentation document and present them to you. We will tailor our proposal to fit the budget and challenges you have provided, suggesting appropriate content accordingly.

  5. step05 Production

    We will commence the actual work based on the proposed plan. Depending on the plan, we may also conduct tasks such as shooting, editing, and retouching to refine and further enhance the creativity.

  6. step06 Completion and Delivery

    After the refinement process, we will finalize the creative work and proceed with submission or data delivery. We will support you from every angle until the delivery is completed.