Hand will continue to challenge various forms of expression such as graphic design, video production, web design, and craftsmanship.
We aim to create an environment where all creators can enjoy themselves and approach creation with a positive mindset.
We are looking for colleagues who share the aspiration of making the world a little better through their creations.

  • Web Application Engineer

    We are recruiting engineers who can develop web applications including CMS, e-commerce, email delivery, and search engines.

  • UI / UX Designer

    We are currently seeking a designer capable of UI/UX design on digital screens, as well as design for next-generation devices and hardware across various domains.

  • Front-End Engineer

    As a frontend engineer, you will be responsible for designing and developing websites. This includes conducting meetings with clients, brainstorming ideas and planning, and collaborating on projects with our in-house art directors and designers.

  • Movie Designer

    We are seeking individuals with a diverse range of video production skills, including video editing, animation production, and 3D modeling.

  • Graphic Designer

    We are seeking a Graphic Designer with expertise in various aspects of graphic design. You will be involved in a wide range of design work including brand CI design, tool design, package design, advertising design, and more.