To make the world a better place.

Hand message

From a world of nothing, first move your hands and try to draw.
Give it shape. Experiment with it.
Through this process, shapes that only we can create are born.
We believe this is the origin of creativity.

Create with your own hands.
With care, with dedication.
Hold hands with the whole team.
Never cut corners on any job.
Don't shy away from things that take time.
Actively tackle all kinds of difficult challenges.
So that we can keep holding hands with various clients.

The name "Hand" was born from these feelings.

In a world where things are automatically and easily done without waste due to AI evolution,
I still want to cherish creativity born from people.
Exceed people's expectations, surprise them, make them happy, move them.
I think these can only be achieved if they are born from the heart of people.

Beyond positions and genres,
The teams and companies that create with Hand, and the people who see the works,
We continue to move our hands so that they can feel a little happier,
So they can be pleased, so they can benefit.
That's why we keep moving our hands.

Hand Philosophy

"To use the power of creativity to make everyone involved and experiencing it happy."
Specifically, to share happiness, joy, fun, and inspiration together.

Hand Circle

We operate with three guiding principles
"Vision," "Purpose," and "Mission."

  • Vision

    "Using the power of creativity to
    make a positive impact on the world."

    We aim to lead our clients, those around us, and society in a positive direction.

  • Purpose

    "Using the power of creativity to inspire, surprise,
    and bring joy to people."

    From design to art, we engage with what can only be created by people,
    what can only be created by oneself, and by earnestly creating, we positively influence people.

  • Mission

    "Each employee hones their individual strengths and finds happiness by turning them into work."

    Understanding the happiness of being able to turn making things into work,
    we find happiness in ourselves. We aim for a way of working
    where coming to the studio is enjoyable and where work itself is enjoyable.

Hand Ambition

We strongly embody the following mindset as we engage with creativity.

  • 01 Wholeheartedly
    enjoy creativity.
  • 02 When in doubt,
    choose the challenging path.
  • 03 Embrace new and
    innovative challenges.
  • 04 Create opportunities
    for yourself.
  • 05 Express your true self.
  • 06 Prioritize the customer.
  • 07 Maintain a super-positive attitude.
  • 08 Act with sincerity.
  • 09 Envision goals on a large and concrete scale.
  • 10 Support each other
    as a team.